tangible ideas, wearable sculptures

*Paid Actor. Not a testimonial.


What is *Paid Actor?

*Paid Actor is a conceptually led clothing line and art project. All clothing is reconstructed from pre-existing garments and found materials, resulting in one of a kind and extremely limited edition pieces.


Who makes my clothes?

Dessislava Terzieva; artist, founder and director.

Where do the materials come from?

Second hand shops, the bottom of a closets, the corner of a bedroom, a donation, Detroit, Sofia, and everywhere else we find ourselves.

Full Time Paid Actor pieces that can be replicated due to the surplus of material.

Part Time Paid Actor one-of-a-kind, repurposed pieces made from pre-existing garments. Through the organic process of experimentation and spontaneity, they become textile collages of old elements creating new identities.

Freelance Paid Actor pieces are made entirely from scratch, often utilizing the remains of pieces that have come before.

What’s the difference between the “full-time”, “part-time”,
and “freelance” collections?