‘HOMECOMING’ takes a journey into the Balkans, exploring lineage, folklore, identity and nostalgia, exploring the complex layers that makes us who we are.

the collection was created during a visit to the artist’s birthplace; Sofia, Bulgaria. the garments are created using a mixture of materials sourced throughout the country, in addition to handed down fabrics and embellishments from three generations of women in artist’s family. original collage art could, too, be found throughout - layering tales of both global and personal themes; an interweaving of past and present, coming together to create a vision of a sustainable future.


exploring the romanticization of nostalgia through era, architecture and color. a collection of upcycled pre-existing garments adorning new tales in visual form. time and space travelers. soft and hard.


i have always been tormented bythe image of multiplicity of selves. some days i call it richness, and other days i see it as a disease.