textile collage, wearable sculpture, visual narratives

*Paid Actor is a clothing brand and multidisciplinary project by Bulgarian-American conceptual artist Dessislava Terzieva.

All clothing and accessories are hand-crafted using pre-existing garments and reclaimed materials, resulting in one-of-a-kind and extremely limited edition pieces. Parallel to Terzieva’s fine art practice, which is rooted in collage and found object sculpture, the process of creation celebrates the magic and synchronicity of re-configuring found elements to create new realities. The final product is a wearable sculpture meant to be worn and treasured as a piece of artwork.

The collections are autobiographically themed, showcased in multimedia exhibitions and exist outside of the fashion industry's schedule.

Alexa Stark Portland, OR
Kathleen Los Angeles, CA
Sincerely, Tommy Brooklyn, NY
Cafe Forgot New York, NY
First Matter Austin, TX


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